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Hunting with a gun and with a Dog - Impressions

Hunting with a gun and with a dog is beautiful in itself, "FÜR SICH", as they used to say in the old days; but let's say, you were not born to be a hunter, but you absolutely love nature; you therefore cannot help but envy a man of our kind...

Book: Red Deer

The Croatian Hunting Association, as the publisher, published the text by Dražen Degmečić under the name "European Red Deer". According to the reviewer, Professor Zdravko Janicki - text is long-awaited content, for everyone who is interested in this noble game. Whether it is about hunters who directly participate in breeding culling, whether it is about breeders who strive to have healthy and trophy game in natural or farm breeding, whether it is about biologists who try to monitor migrations and numbers and understand the relationships within the population, whether it's about students who are just getting to know the way of life and other peculiarities of this game.

Red deer management practice

Red Deer, although in principle a migratory type of species, nevertheless stays in a certain area of ​​the habitat at a certain time during the year. Likewise, as a rule, females, during the calving period, are mostly in more or less the same areas within a certain habitat. The value of the habitat or simply parts of the hunting ground is determined primarily by the facts related to the quality of peace, shelter, food and water. Over time, certain rules are observed in a hunting ground regarding the appearance of females, the appearance of males, body weight related to age classes, the value of trophies, etc. In order to notice and show this, it is important to correctly record everything that is achieved by habitat units.

Hunting in the service of human demography

Demography is defined as the science of population, it encompasses the study of the number and spatial distribution of the population, the natural and migratory movements of the population, and changes in population structures. The main goal of demography is to understand the legality of population development in certain socio – economic conditions. Today, the struggle for population is in force in market economy countries. Whether the population is seen as a labour force, or as consumers or as capital for the future – it is needed by all and is part of the overall development policy.

Changes of red deer (Cervus elaphus, L.) pedicles with age at Baranja Danube's Region

Antles of deer family (Cervidae) is an example of fast growing bones and the only bony structure form of mammals, capable of complete regeneration. Every year, antlers are cast and a set of new antlers are growing every year. This is called the antler growth cycle and is closely related to the reproduction cycle, hormonal processes and photoperiodism in the Cervidae family. The antlers, that are changing every year, grow on the pedicles that last for a lifetime and that do not become bone, but are leather-coated for a lifetime.


Red deer antlers are an example of fast-growing tissue and are the only mammal organ capable of complete regeneration. Each year set of an antlers are cast, and each year a set of a new one are grown. This is called antler growth cycle and is closely associated with reproductive cycle, hormonal processes, climate and hydrological factors. Climate and hydrological factors act directly through the air temperature, precipitation (rain, snow), snow, ice, insolation (photoperiod), frost and water levels.


Much interest to reconcile and adjust. Equally, there is a whole range of possible additional unexpected shocks that hunters are generally not ready.

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Hunting tourism

Hunting on the mountain part of the Adriatic coast and on the Adriatic islands – offers a wide range of species for hunting.

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