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Hunting on the mountain part of the Adriatic coast and on the Adriatic islands – offers a wide range of species for hunting. With the exception of some species, mostly all species are available for hunting the whole year-round. Hunting is not easy, and in some cases it can be extremely difficult as it is a species that mainly lives on rocky and difficult terrain.

Hunting on the Adriatic can be a hunting trip or vacation for the whole family, given that it is a popular tourist destination. The Adriatic coast is rich in tourist destinations, especially the old historical monuments and settlements that due to their ambient return tourists in ancient times.
Hunting is organized in the morning and afternoon, and some species can be hunted all day long, clearly depending on the hunting date.
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BECKY is a female of the breed GORDON SETER, except that she is a hunting dog with a distinctly innate hunting instinct, it is a loyal and faithful dog, which binds to the owner very quickly.

She is very intelligent, adaptable and understands the changing situations that are happening.

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Much interest to reconcile and adjust. Equally, there is a whole range of possible additional unexpected shocks that hunters are generally not ready.

Hunting also has its own inner characteristics – as a rule, the number of game is almost commonly unknown and also recruitment rate is commonly unknown.

Wildlife management

Seriously engaging in some kind of activity, as wildlife management, requires the reflection and use of scientific, expert and experiential norms when making decisions and answering questions.

Hunting tourism or not

There is also question – hunting tourism or not. What this decision brings about on the expense and on the revenue side, bearing in mind that prices are not formed in a logical way, but are the result of a market-driven disorder.


Hunting in Croatia

Looking for a hunting adventure that you could tell friends and family about for years to come? Croatia can be that place.

Check out best places to hunt wild animals in Croatia.

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