“The world is a book and those

who do not travel read

only one page.”

St. Augustine


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Demography is defined as the science of population, it encompasses the study of the number and spatial distribution of the population, the natural and migratory movements of the population, and changes in population structures. The main goal of demography is to understand the legality of population development in certain socio – economic conditions. Today, the …


Antles of deer family (Cervidae) is an example of fast growing bones and the only bony structure form of mammals, capable of complete regeneration. Every year, antlers are cast and a set of new antlers are growing every year. This is called the antler growth cycle and is closely related to the reproduction cycle, hormonal …

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The hunting activity has a limiting factor due to the longer time needed to return the funds invested. Once a year there is a mating, calving and hunting. In this sense hunt as a source of income. Furthermore, the wild game is not stable nor is it planted as a tree in the forest that stands in place or agricultural crops. Populations are dynamic in terms of number, population density, and every wrong step in hunting is measured in years. Hunting generally does not have its own land but is in coexistence with at least another economic activity. This is mainly forestry or agriculture, and as a rule becomes a standard for an organization that monitors habitat from the point of view of nature protection, there are also civil society associations and various entrepreneurs with their interests.

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A company that finds itself on the market mainly asks itself questions:

# What is the meaning of existence on the market – the goal of the company?

# How to make it possible – the goal of the company?

Mostly the solutions to these issues lie in development and adaptation. Namely, the complexity of the market system, rapid changes, more demanding consumers, imposes the need for continuous business improvement. Change or adjustment occurs on three basic resources:

# offer (product or service);

# target market – clients;

# work methodology;

         Research and development are becoming fundamental factors in a company’s development. Investing in knowledge in a relatively short time improves the market position and ensures the future of the company itself. “A plan is nothing, and planning is everything” – is just a set of words that summarizes business policy. It means, a rough analysis of the past, an analysis of the environment, a prediction of the future and the activities of the company in the direction of achieving the desired future. This approach enhances the company’s ability to monitor the performance of its activities and enhances the company’s ability to control the company’s disorder.

          The system / structure of a company is a combination of labor and capital. Multi-system analysis shows what are the possible forms of combinations of labor and capital. It should be borne in mind that only one combination is optimal for each system, all others give a more unfavorable business result of the company.

          The activity / presence and even the awareness of the company in time and space is of crucial importance along with the business strategy. In addition to existing plans, it is important to be active in planning each individual action that may be of a different time horizon – a quick switch from possibly different business processes.

          The realization of an activity or the probability of an event as a function of time is uncertainty and risk. In order to reduce this risk, it is necessary to set, in addition to the main implementation plan, narrower time periods in which certain operational tasks would be completed. They should also represent certain independent units, but also a part of a larger, longer-planned business strategy.

      The initial momentum, the success of the company in the first phase of its existence is reduced if development and investment are not approached in a timely manner. Any time compensation is more expensive and very often irrecoverable.