General conditions

Subject Matter of the Contract

The subject matter of this Contract is the regulation of the mutual relations of the travel organizer – WILDCRO, consulting and hunting tourism, Fruškogorska 46c, 31 000 OSIJEK (hereinafter referred to as WILDCRO) and the user – TRAVELER, or the travel contractor in the case the travel contractor concludes this contract in behalf of a third party (hereinafter referred to as TRAVELER). This Travel Contract contains General Conditions and Directives for Tourist Travel, i.e. it refers to the travel program that contains all necessary data.

These General Conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded between WILCRO and TRAVELER and with their signature, TRAVELER declares that he is familiar with the conditions and accepts them.

These General Conditions govern the conditions and directions for tourist arrangements, according to the travel program containing all the necessary information. These General Terms and Conditions are binding upon the employee of the company (authorized officer of WILDCRO) and TRAVELER, and after TRAVELER fully paid the price of the tourist arrangement or part of the price, it will undoubtedly ensure payment of the remaining amount by the agreed date. If the passenger is not able to personally sign the contract, the contract produces legal effects only when WILDCRO receives the entire agreed amount of the price of the arrangement, or if it is expressly agreed, ie receives a part of the agreed price and documentation that undoubtedly ensures the payment of the remaining part of the price up to the agreed date. A traveler can apply for a trip by himself, by telephone, by internet or by some other means of remote communication. When concluding a contract, the passenger is obliged to provide personal information and to provide in due time all the documentation necessary for organizing the trip. TRAVELER guarantees that WILDCRO has provided the correct and valid information necessary for the smooth realization of the trip, and accepts all legal obligations arising from the contract and positive legal regulations. By concluding a contract, TRAVELER empowers WILDCRO to mediate in concluding and / or concluding contracts with other service providers necessary for a successful travel organization (transport companies, restaurants, car owners, insurance, etc.), as well as mediating in the conduct and organization of business related with departure and transit regarding immigration of persons (visa regime), and export, import and transit of weapons and ammunition, and processing of export / import and transport of hunting trophies. The Company has the right to reimburse the costs incurred in the performance of the above-mentioned activities and services, if these costs are not included in the offer or travel program.

Reservations and payments

Upon registration, as a confirmation of booking, the TRAVELER pays an advance, and the amount of the advance depends on the total value of the offer and is specified in the offer. TRAVELER is obliged to pay the rest to the total price of the package no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip or is obligated to provide insurance funds to secure the total price of the arrangement. If the passenger fails to full fill his obligation until at least 21 days before departure, he will be deemed to have given up the reservation without the possibility of refunding the paid amount of the reservation. TRAVELER is obliged to immediately pay the “Last Minute” offer of the arrangement in full or to secure uncontested collection of the entire amount of the arrangement. Offers offered by the company through the Internet, brochures, pricelists or some other means of communication delivered to the client are binding. It is the duty of the client to be informed about all, possibly unclear details of the offer, before confirming the agency. The Contract between the TRAVELER and the WILDCRO is considered to have been concluded: – If the TRAVELER has accepted a specific offer from the company in writing or by any other means of communication – If the TRAVELER has paid part or the total amount stated in the offer By entering into such contracts, TRAVELER undertakes not to negotiate with third legal or natural persons, which WILDCRO uses as part of the overall arrangement, to provide their services if there is no authorization of WILDCRO.

By concluding a travel contract, the TRAVELER undertakes to pay all amounts that are paid in accordance with the offer before the journey commences. The TRAVELER is obliged to respect the deadlines and method of payment from the offer, special agreements when concluding the contract and the final settlement. The final billing is made at the end of the trip, and it is based on relevant and signed protocols, event logs, etc., and includes all the costs incurred during the trip as well as the expenses paid by the FERMOPROMET to the passenger. The calculation includes the amounts paid by the TRAVELER before the final settlement date. All payments arising from this contract, the TRAVELER is obliged to pay WILDCRO as a travel organizer, and only by special authorization to third legal or natural persons, which WILDCRO uses as a part of the overall arrangement. Possible refund of money to the TRAVELER after the final settlement will be made as soon as possible.


Travel prices are published in the travel program and are valid from the date of publication of the program. The prices listed in the program do not have to correspond to the prices published on the spot in the destination in which the traveler resides, and the possible difference in price can not be the subject of an objection. WILDCRO reserves the right to change the price from the offer in cases where the changes were caused by an increase in the prices of transport services, state fees, airport and port fees, and the change in the exchange rates on which the offered prices were based. WILDCRO can also change the other conditions from the offer if there were changes that the tour organizer could not influence. The company is obliged to notify passengers immediately. In the event of the cancellation of the arrangement, the TRAVELER shall not be entitled to compensation. If the passenger fails to deliver the WILDCRO in writing and within 24 hours from the receipt of the notice, it is considered that he agrees with the price change.

Categorization and description of services

WILDCRO instructs the TRAVELER on the possibility of departure from the categorization of the accommodation or the services of particular destinations, which are in accordance with the applicable regulations. Therefore, WILDCRO does not assume responsibility for any oral or written information that is inconsistent with the description of the services and facilities in the program applicable to that journey, which is given on the basis of the information provided by the service provider or the owner of the facility.

For later individual arrivals in the accommodation facilities (after 20 pm) it is necessary to notify WILDCRO, at least one day before departure, if such a later arrival is not foreseen by the travel program.

Compliance with regulations

The TRAVELER applying for WILDCRO must have the necessary and valid documentation in accordance with the travel program and regulations. Invalid documentation that results in the cancellation of the journey is not binding in any way to WILDCRO, and the conditions of travel cancellation apply. WILDCRO removes any liability for damages that would result from non-compliance with the regulations of certain countries or which would cause invalid and necessary documents related to the desired activity of the passengers. The TRAVELER is obliged to be informed about the necessary conditions for meeting the regulations for the activity envisaged by the arrangement. The TRAVELER is obliged to follow the instructions and plans that are valid for the performance of the activity at the destination. Furthermore, the TRAVELER is obliged to abide by the instructions of the guide and other responsible persons during the course of the activity. In the event of contrary behavior, WILDCRO is not considered responsible.

Travel insurance

In accordance with the Tourism Services Act, WILDCRO employees are obliged to offer a “travel insurance package” consisting of: voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the passenger confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package. In case the traveler accepts the above mentioned insurance, they can be directly contracted at one of the insurers or at WILDCRO, where WILDCRO only participates as an intermediary.

By signing this contract it is considered that the TRAVELERS are offered and recommended the insurance mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Cancellation of travel

Travel cancellation conditions are generally listed in the offer. If the travel cancellation conditions are not specified in the offer in the case of cancellation of a confirmed trip, the following provisions shall apply:

If a TRAVELER withdraws from a confirmed voyage, he or she may have the option of traveling to the person he has named in exchange. With this person, WILDCRO concludes a new contract, but under the same conditions as the client had canceled the trip.

If you cancel your trip at least ninety (90) days before the start of your trip, you are entitled to a refund of 50% of the paid advance. If the cancellation of a performance in the period less than ninety days before the start of the journey, the right to a refund of the advance is lost. If in case of cancellation the paid advance is not sufficient to settle the costs incurred by cancellation, the TRAVELER is obliged to compensate the WILDCRO for the difference, ie the total amount of the expenses thus incurred. This applies in particular to:

The cost of canceling the company must be presented to the passenger in the form of a special bill. In case of cancellation of group travel, the costs of incurred by the whole group or individual group members are borne by those persons who have entered into a group hunting contract with the WILDCRO.

The company offers the TRAVELER the option to secure insurance to cover travel cancellation costs under the terms of the insurance company. In the event that a TRAVELER does not want to conclude such insurance, he / she must explicitly emphasize and sign the statement.

Cancellation of travel by WILDCRO

WILDCRO has the right to cancel the contract and / or terminate its realization in case the passenger fails to perform the contractual obligations prior to the performance or during the journey. In such a case, WILDCRO is entitled to the reimbursement of all costs incurred in the preparation of travel.

Does the WILDCRO travel contract cancel due to the occurrence of changed circumstances which could not foresee at the time of the conclusion of the contract and which considerably hamper or completely disallow the implementation of the contractual travel has the right of the client to compensate for 50% of the expenses he had in the preparation of the voyage which he could not reimburse by adequate insurance. If the WILDCRO changes the planned travel plan due to unforeseen circumstances, it is obliged to notify the passenger of change immediately after these circumstances, and the passenger therefore has no right to terminate the travel contract.

Travels organized by other organizers

For all arrangements where the WILDCRO Main Organizer applies to these General Terms, except where WILDCRO is an intermediary or a major travel organizer. Such arrangements will be specifically marked and the general conditions of the responsible organizer are applied to them, and WILDCRO is not responsible for the implementation of tourist arrangements of other organizers. By signing the contract, the TRAVELER fully accepts the program and the terms of the organizer’s travel.

Resolving the complaint

The traveler has the right to complain about unfulfilled contracted services. The TRAVELER is obliged to file a written complaint to WILDCRO within 8 days of the end of the journey. Complaints invested after the expiration of the 8-day deadline will not be taken into consideration. TRAVELER is obliged to act in good faith and to show the intent to resolve the complaint in the course of the journey and must send a written objection to the on-site service provider (reception, carrier, host) and request written confirmation from the service provider that the complaint has been received. Every passenger – the contract holder – has to file a complaint individually. WILDCRO will not take into consideration group objections. WILDCRO is obliged to make a written response to the complaint within 15 days upon receipt of the complaint in the manner in which the complaint was received (by e-mail, mail or personal delivery). WILDCRO will only address those objections for which the TRAVELER submits proof that he has submitted a written objection to the on-site service provider and that the cause could not be remedied on the spot. If the WILDCRO guilty party has failed to complete the program or part of the service, the passenger is entitled to compensation in the amount of the actual value of the unused service and can not include the services already utilized or the total amount of the arrangement. In the case of a contract for organizing a trip as a “last minute” or a contract with which the name of the object TRAVELER is to be learned only upon arrival in the destination (actions such as fortune, roulette, no name, as, jocker, ), TRAVELER accepts all the risks of such a journey. Such trips include uncertain facts that WILDCRO can not influence, and TRAVELER has primarily accepted such a trip for a more favorable price and therefore the TRAVELER has no right to complain to WILDCRO. While WILDCRO does not decide on a passenger complaint, the TRAVELER waives the mediation of any other person, court institution or media information. 11. Health Regulations The TRAVELER is obliged to inform WILDCRO about all facts regarding his / her health, habits, etc., which could endanger traveling (if he or she asks for a particular type of food for health or other reasons, has chronic illness, allergies, etc.). Some programs have specific travel rules that include mandatory vaccination and the purchase of appropriate documents. The TRAVELER is obliged to perform compulsory vaccination as well as having certificates and documents on it. WILDCRO recommends paying a health insurance fund.


Luggage-to-weight transport, determined by the carrier, is free of charge. In the case of air transport, the excess baggage is supplemented by the TRAVELER according to the valid rules and the carrier’s prices. Children under the age of 2 do not have the right to free luggage transport. WILDCRO does not assume liability for lost or damaged luggage. The TRAVELER lost the luggage to the carrier. For air transport, luggage is the sole responsibility of the airline company, based on regulations applicable to air traffic. In case of loss of luggage, the passenger shall fill in the form of the airline who has carried the carriage and hand it over to the representative of the airline company, and one copy retains for himself. On the basis of a completed form, the airlines pay him compensation according to the regulations applicable to domestic and international air travel.

In the event of loss of luggage at the hotel, the traveler requests a hotel where the luggage is lost. WILDCRO recommends the payment of baggage insurance.

Protection of personal data

The TRAVELER provides personal information voluntarily. Passenger’s personal data are required in the process of realizing the agreed arrangements and will be used for further communication. WILDCRO undertakes not to disclose personal data from the country except for the purpose of realizing the agreed arrangements. An exception to the provision of personal data to third parties relates to the provision of travel insurance policies, ie if the passenger concludes the insurance policy, then his personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. Passenger’s personal data will be kept in the database, in accordance with the current Company Code of Conduct on the manner of collecting, processing and keeping personal data. The TRAVELER agrees that his personal data may be used for the purpose of realizing the contractual arrangements and marketing actions of WILDCRO.


Notifications received by a passenger at the application site are not binding on the organizer to a greater extent than the information given in the travel program itself.


The TRAVELER is obliged to abide by the system of product value determination that applies to the country of destination. The passenger is obliged to inform about all regulations and conditions on which the import of certain products is subject to the country of residence of passengers, and all legally prescribed forms are filled and signed by himself or his authorized person with the necessary assistance of the organizer’s representative. WILDCRO does not warrant that the products will be delivered to the TRAVELER in the country of residence.

Dispute settlement

The parties will try to resolve the dispute by peaceful means. In the event of a dispute, the competent court in Osijek is in charge.

These General Terms and Conditions were issued on 1st December 2019 and are valid for all contracts concluded by WILDCRO

NOTE: The English version of General Conditions is of informative nature because of possible terminological disagreements with the legal systems of the Republic of Croatia and other countries.

Representative of the WILDCRO Dražen Degmečić

01ST December 2019., OSIJEK


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