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Red deer mating

September in wildlife management brings an injection of adrenaline to the wildlife manager. September is the time when one of our most economically important deer species Red Deer is breeding. It is this biological act, the breeding cycle of deer, that shows the success of the work done on population dynamics. During mating the breeder has the opportunity to monitor many parameters:

Age - data you need to apply to practice

Management of Red Deer and Roe Deer is regulated by a plan based on the determination of the spring fund and its sex / age composition, the estimate of the actual recruitment rate and the record of total population exploitation. The number and composition of the spring fund depends on the increase, loss and hunting. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly monitor the number of animals, recruitment rate, gender composition, age composition, trophy quality, body masses and the use of certain parts of the habitat / hunting area by the game – density of population.

Reed deer antlers

The area of European Red Deer ​​distribution is a European continent. Apart from Europe, we find it in the northern part of Asia, where it meets the Asian Wapiti (Siberian, Altai, Manchurian) with which it is possible to cross breed. The main migration route from Asia to Europe and vice versa follows the flow of the Danube River. The Delta of the Danube at the entrance to the Black Sea can be characterized as the door leading deep into Central Europe.


FOG is a meteorological phenomenon in the ground layer of the troposphere, a ground cloud of water droplets or ice crystals that are so tiny and light that they manage to float in the air. Fog is a dispersion of tiny droplets of water in the air that is so dense that horizontal visibility along the Earth’s surface is reduced to less than a kilometer. When the visibility is higher than a kilometer, it is a haze. If tiny ice crystals float instead of droplets, the fog is icy. Fog sometimes covers the landscape with a whitish veil; when mixed with dust or smoke it is slightly colored, predominantly yellowish.


In the Republic of Croatia, it is possible to do driven hunt on wild boars and predators (fox and jackals) with hounds. Hunting is organized in hilly and lowland terrains:

Some of my stags

The title of this dash denotes Red stags that have occurred during my previous work in hunting management. These are not all, nor is it possible to show them all, these are deer that meant something at some point, to me personally or meant to the hunting ground. However, one can see the diversity of antler architecture in the area of Slavonia and Baranja (eastern part of the Republic of Croatia).


Much interest to reconcile and adjust. Equally, there is a whole range of possible additional unexpected shocks that hunters are generally not ready.

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Hunting tourism

Hunting on the mountain part of the Adriatic coast and on the Adriatic islands – offers a wide range of species for hunting.

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