Wild boar hunting

Wild boar males have a very attractive trophy

Wild boar is a species that lives in larger or smaller packs (with more than 30 members) in free nature, except for older boars, which approach packs during mating. Generally speaking, we can talk about a pack of sows with their offspring, a pack of predominantly yearling males expelled from their mother pack by their mothers / sows (later young boars who can be seen wandering together) and older boar males. Within the pack a hierarchy is established by age and strength. It is present in different habitats, a very adaptable species and a very interesting species for hunting. But it is equally problematic because of the damage to crops.

We call them: the male boar, the female sow, and we call the cubs- piglets. In addition to the dynamics and different hunting methods, wild boar males have a very attractive trophy – wild boar tusks. In the Republic of Croatia it inhabits areas of lowlands (near large rivers), then mountainous areas, mountainous areas and conquers the Adriatic islands.

Wildcro - wild boar hunting

WILD BOAR MALE – is hunted all year


  • Spring Hunt: APRIL / MAY
  • Mating Hunt: SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER

After the boar has been shot, the boar tusks are processed and graded according to the provisions of the International Council for Hunting and Conservation of Game (CIC).


  • BRONZE: 110.00 to 114.99 CIC points
  • SILVER: 115.00 to 119.99 CIC points
  • GOLD: 120.00 CIC and above points

Sows / Offspring / Piglets – Autumn winter hunt

Hunting is organized together with other species that are included in the selection / regular hunt


Individual hunting is organized in the morning and in the afternoon, using high seat or hunting with the technique of stalking. A professional guide is available. It can be hunted along the valleys of large rivers (lowland hunting grounds), then in hilly hunting areas and in mountain hunting areas.

Wild boar Driven hunt – extremely dynamic hunting with dogs, can be hunted in open hunting grounds and in hunting polygons (semi-fenced or fenced hunting grounds). It is important to note that in both cases these are wild animals not artificially bred.


Much interest to reconcile and adjust. Equally, there is a whole range of possible additional unexpected shocks that hunters are generally not ready.

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Hunting tourism

Hunting on the mountain part of the Adriatic coast and on the Adriatic islands – offers a wide range of species for hunting.

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