# is a meteorological phenomenon in the ground layer of the troposphere, a ground cloud of water droplets or ice crystals that are so tiny and light that they manage to float in the air. Fog is a dispersion of tiny droplets of water in the air that is so dense that horizontal visibility along the Earth’s surface is reduced to less than a kilometer. When the visibility is higher than a kilometer, it is a haze. If tiny ice crystals float instead of droplets, the fog is icy. Fog sometimes covers the landscape with a whitish veil; when mixed with dust or smoke it is slightly colored, predominantly yellowish.

# in Baranja it can mean only one thing – deer hunting during Roaring period. Arriving at night at the Roaring area, listening to where Stag is. The transition of night into the auroral fog, mixing the morning meadow scents with the scent of musk. Approaching by stalking, listening, there is a Stag and it is not visible jet. Anticipation if the Stag will be to  far enough away not to notice the approach, and yet close enough for a successful hunt, whether Stag will  stay in the meadow or retreat with the fog, where the hinds are! Usually in those last moments, the Stag falls silent – just before dawn – so you really don’t know anything! There are three options either Stag is gone or you will see Stag first or you will be noticed! And then you see the silhouette of a Stag in the transition from night to morning fog TERMLESS !

        If it is far for a successful hunt – you watch it in its full dominance as it raises dew from the grass with a sharp half-race, which at that moment turns into fog and creates the illusion of a Stag walking on a cloud. Since you are concentrating on that performance – “Bauu” is heard soon – the hind signals to the company that the show is over. But you have all day in front of you to prepare an approach strategy and analyze what just happen!


          The title of this dash denotes Red stags that have occurred during my previous work in hunting management. These are not all, nor is it possible to show them all, these are deer that meant something at some point, to me personally or meant to the hunting ground. However, one can see the diversity of antler architecture in the area of Slavonia and Baranja (eastern part of the Republic of Croatia). Floodplain valleys along large rivers are home to natural populations of red deer and are certainly one of the most attractive areas to experience Red Stag hunting during the SEPTEMBER STAG ROAR !!!


                An event that everyone who is part of the world of hunting tourism should attend. There is a lot to see in those few days, and a lot can be learned with a little luck and of course with a person who is willing to help. “Welcome to the city of sin,” a familiar, unpretentious person greeted us: “Let’s go to dinner, so I’ll tell you what I’ve prepared for you.” Sales, sales, sales – everything is for sale, everything has its price and everything is a show. Booth is a show, every conversation is a show, meetings are a show, presentations are a show, auctions are a show – everything is a show.

            “Ah, you arrived, you Drazen, stay with me a bit, did you bring the catalogs, the pictures, the offers – why did you came to the show for. Go around and review the Red stag prices. ” Of course, I did not take that role so responsibly, but although the principal was dissatisfied with the performance, he did not take it so bad and my further residence did not suffer. You have to be very concentrated in order to achieve your goals – because there are so many things that distract you and all are attractive and interesting. Panoramas with animals, presentations, catalogs, hunting equipment, weapons, hunting tourism – terrible. And all that based in Las Vegas – it’s really hard to maintain concentration and focus on the goals you’re there for – but this is “SHOW.” The first day of the SCI show is over, let’s now take a look at the city. But it’s not walking – in Las Vegas, it’s a car ride across the street. A familiar face comes from our backs: “What’s up, guys, do you spend US Dollars like Croatian currency Kuna  / come on, I’ll take you out to dinner.” Again nothing of sightseeing, but the evening passed for me with an endless source of information that meant a lot to me in the field of hunting tourism.

            The second day I spent some time alone at our host`s Booth. He let me talk about selling with a few clients, but this time he did not hide his dissatisfaction:”so you really don’t know anything, so why didn’t you bring a measuring tape with you”, alluded to the way of selling at a trophy value that I tried to explain to clients who were used to a different form of sales. “Customize your products to the market you serve and the customers you serve, why do you think that they care about your points.”

        The last day we went to visit the Grand Canyon – that brought us back to the cowboy movies and helped to clear our minds before returning home.

Everything else that happened –  stay`s at Vegas!



  For many years, Velebit was just an obstacle for me to cross in order to reach the Adriatic Sea for holidays. While my parents drove me by car – Velebit was synonymous with the painful ascent and descent full of big turns often accompanied by a feeling of nausea. Now after hunting on Velebit, I can’t wait to get back to Velebit! The harsh mountain and harsh landscape hides the wealth of wildlife, beautiful landscape and unique views.

               The goal was Chamois. We arrive at Gospic, settle into a hotel and the hunt starts in the morning. We’ve been together for a few days now and Chamois is the last in the list. The weather forecast  is rain, but the guide says the weather forecast means nothing in the mountain. Morning signifies movement up to the mountain. We packed up our gear and started. The very ambience after leaving the vehicle indicated that this hunt would be something different. Collision of the worlds – Mediterranean / Mountain / Continental. “How many chamois are there,” followed inquiry after about fifteen minutes’ walk, “the guide has no equipment,” followed statement. Along the way, we see a lot of roe deer, rock partridge  and fresh bear droppings “Hmmmm”. We walk through incredible monuments of nature, momentarily look at the sea, momentarily look at the continent.

             At one point, we see a Chamois male at a distance of about 600 m. Sunbathing, resting and controlling the females in the mountains. “There it is,” I say, “Yeah,” we need to get closer, says the hunter. We are now at 300 m “I’m not sure, let’s go closer”. But it does not go any closer – there is a path, but it needs to be climbed by sharp rocks, we go back, I say – we will try as it is. We come to a shootable location. The hunter sets in, and we wait for the shot and watch with the binoculars respond  reaction of the male after the shot. “What is the strength of the trophy,” the hunter question followed, looking at me, I nodded my head significantly. A shot follows, nothing, the male still stands. The second shot, the male disappears under a rock. I think it’s okay, let’s go, guide and I will take a look and the hunter will wait. The ascent to the chamois was difficult, dangerous and long – we climbed for almost 40 minutes. The guide finds Chamois at the very moment  when the hunter has visibly lost her patience and started to follows us up in to the mountain. I send the picture to the hunter, “It looks good, very good,” the hunter replies. We descend and we also brought the Chamois down. The hunter is pleased, – the shot list is full – it’s over!

                    Last glance at the sea and the island of Pag. I’m leaving with thoughts of going back!


NEW ZEALAND, that’s enough to write

                Not just as a hunting trip, New Zealand is a bit different from other parts of the world I know. That long flight by plane alone requires a persistent desire to visit this, yet remote, part of the world. But the arrival itself is different, the simple airport at QUENSTOWN, the easy procedure and the welcome reception of a familiar face with coffee. Easy access makes life easier. Quenstown, a scattered adrenaline town, a famous winter resort, but also the untamed wilderness of Mount Aspirig. “Im here for you in the morning, and tonight you go down to the city there are places where you can have fun ”- a recommendation from a well-known New Zealand hunter. Tired, after the flight, we are neither for sleep nor for fun, ok –  we go to get to know the city, or rather see where we are. There is a surprise in the morning – we fly by helicopter! There is no information just a schedule, “you sit forward, next to the pilot and when we jump out, do not go to the tail of the helicopter.” As he gave me the information, he stored the rifle on the floor of the helicopter – nothing was clear to me. Soon it didn’t matter – the view of the organized island was breathtaking. The wildlife in the mountains, farms, landscaped pastures and settlements overlap perfectly. Soon we entermountains, clouds, snow and unique landscapes – “hell garden” – he says. Suddenly, it was as if he had decided ” there they are  – we will jump out of here”. Who – where – but we’re in the middle of the mountains – I think. But it was like he said, “get out and don’t go to the tail of the helicopter”, I nodded and head for the tail of the helicopter! A hand on the collar and a objurgatory glance pinned me to the rock until the helicopter rose. “They are coming towards us – shoot”, so in all this turmoil the rifle was already loaded and in my hands. They are really coming, though the color is no different than the rocks – but  it is visible, I shoot, it disappears. “Where it is – did you get it – reload” – I confidently confirm that it is down (though after the shot I didn’t see it again, but it would make sense if it fell) and point the finger. The helicopter descends upon the Chamois and brings it to the rock to us. Here – I’m still under the impression.

          Afterwards we went to restaurants, forests, hunting grounds, deer game farms. We met people, culture, customs. I do not know if this is my impression, but very simple, practical people solve everyday life situations, solve problems that are important for their local community and for the positive functioning of their living community. “Guys – you need to know one thing – in one Country it is either a rich government or it is a rich people that inhabits the country”, with that we said goodbye to our host and flew home….

The story of logo design

The logo design represents two paws of European pine Marten labeled “WILDCRO” at the base of the logo. The company is headquartered in the continental part of the Republic of Croatia, formerly the Kingdom of Slavonia (15th century). The coat of arms of the kingdom from the end of the 15th century contains: in blue shield two transverse silver beams, representing the rivers Sava and Drava. Between the rivers is a red field, with European pine Marten turned to the right. Above is a six-pointed star (the designation of the god Mart (Mars), as a symbol of the great heroism of Slavonic nobles. Until then, the figure of the European Pine Marten was never used on the coat of arms, and it was significant for Slavonia at that time because the means of payment were precisely the skin of the European pine Marten, and later the name of the European pine Marten was taken over as the currency of payment in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Confirmation that on the coat of arms is exactly the star of the god of Mars and the animal European Pine Marten is found in the words of the chronicler “and in the upper field is one star which we will call the Martian star, because of the continuous wars led by the mentioned Kingdom of Slavonia and its inhabitants … in the middle there is a European pine Marten, a beast as wild and belligerent as the god of war Mars himself.”

      The logo design is a blend of the tradition, culture and legends of the company headquarters region and the origin of the owner. The paws of the European pine Marten leading the way into the wilderness.